Gerbv 2.7.0 – Download Free

One of the most used formats within electronics business circles is Gerber (RS-274X), which is used for the production of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) on a large scale.

If we have the need to open a file with this format, we can use a tool like Gerbv, which offers us the possibility of printing the files we have, in addition to exporting what we are viewing in format PNG, PS, SVG y PDF.

A viewer for Gerber files

The program allows you to open and superimpose different circuit designs, so that perform measurements or comparisons between different models keep it as simple as possible. You can change the units of measurement between centimeters, millimeters and inches with just one click.

The interface is very simple and leaves all the controls at the top of the window, reserving the left side for show layers that we are using.

If you are looking for a free tool with which analyze and validate files Gerber (RS-274X), try to download Gerbv.

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