Giada 0.17.1 for Windows – Download

Giada is a music creation tool with which any user can create their own compositions from a series of samples and loops that we can launch even in real time sessions. The program supports up to 32 samples simultaneously, which we can configure to be played in different types of ‘loops’ or to only sound once.

The program’s interface also allows us to activate and deactivate each of the samples that we have loaded by simply pressing the key to which it is associated (each of the keyboard keys is paired with a sample). Of course, we can record our compositions to recover the ones that fit us best. And is that creating a good rhythm is as simple as gradually altering the many parameters that the program has.

Giada is a pretty fun way to create music. A tool designed, in theory, for DJs, which is available to all users thanks to its easy handling.


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