Glary Tracks Eraser for Windows

Glary Tracks Eraser is a very complete tool that will allow you to use all your browsers in a complete and safe way. With this program you will make sure to eliminate all unnecessary information that only takes up space, manage your accessories or safely delete your history and data.

The Glary Tracks Eraser interface is very simple and you will only find a single tab in which all the browsers you have installed are concentrated. The advantage of this tool is that it is capable of working with all the data of each one of them separately or together, which will save you a great deal of time.

To start the process of eliminating cache, history and other elements that you do not need, you will have to mark or unmark the elements that you want or not to delete by sliding the sidebar. Each of the browsers will show all the information that it has stored since the last scan, so you just have to click on each option.

Thanks to this tool you will be able to delete recent documents, clipboard, recycle bin, history, searches, cookies, and, ultimately, any type of temporary element that slows down searches in said browser. Get rid of everything you don’t want and safely delete your history to maintain safe browsing.


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