Glary Utilities Pro 5.158 for Windows

We all know how important it is to have our PC optimized. As we install and uninstall programs we see how our computer takes longer and longer to start, sometimes it hangs and it takes forever to load a certain program. Glary Utilities is a set of tools designed to preserve the proper functioning of our operating system in different fields.

If your PC is no longer the same as when you bought it, it would be good for you to take a look at this application that with a few clicks can give it a new look and make it perform like the first day. The program’s interface is quite clear, which makes its use much easier and simpler. It is divided into different sections that encompass each of the improvements and analysis elements that we can perform:

– Clean and repair discs, registry or shortcuts.
– Optimize and improve startup, memory or context menus.
– Privacy and Security: Trace cleaner, final file eraser, mistakenly deleted file recovery or file encoding to protect them.
– Files and folders: Duplicate files finder, disk analysis, empty folder finder.
– System utilities: Process manager, easy access to Windows options or Internet Explorer management.

In addition to these modules, you can access different maintenance options in one click. apply different skins or inquire into the various more advanced options. If you want your PC to perform as before, Glary Utilities Pro is one of the best options.


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