GNS3 2.2.18 for Windows – Download

GNS3 is a powerful free software through which we can create our own virtual networks without using any type of hardware. It will be enough to think about the circuit through which we are going to connect all the elements to proceed to test our new virtual environment without risks.

In GNS3 we find an interface that will allow us to develop each project without too many difficulties. If we have our own knowledge base in this area, it will not take long to consolidate the operation of the program. By adding each part of the structure, we will be able to build a network that guarantees the function we were looking for. In fact, before ending the work we can always test that everything works correctly.

Something that is very comfortable within GNS3 is that the program allows us to design networks of any size. No matter how complex the structure may seem, the utility will provide us with the necessary functionalities to develop each project without investing more time than necessary. In fact, we can also create dynamic network maps with which we will solve problems and the well-known proofs of concept.

GNS3 is a really easy to manage program that will serve both students who are taking their first steps in this field and professionals in the sector. Without the need for hardware or home laboratories, we can start our own network development in a matter of hours.


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