Gnuplot 5.4.1 for Windows – Download

Gnuplot is a tool with which we can make scientific graphics in two or three dimensions. By introducing the variables in question and selecting the type of axes we need, the program will be in charge of transforming each set of data into visual structures that will be of great help to us.

Both the operation and the visual identity of Gnuplot are oriented so that any user with average scientific knowledge can create any graphic. Without the need to install another type of more specific or complex software, thanks to this tool we will obtain the graph we need without the need to spend time on other questions far from the representation.

Being an open source program, Gnuplot incorporates new features as its users request new functionalities that are useful. In this sense, the Windows application already supports a wide range of output formats to export projects that can be consulted on multiple devices. In addition, the software has script-guided input and many script examples to make the process much more intuitive.

Gnuplot has all the essentials to make graphical representations in two and three dimensions. At all times we can consult models already made to guide our work or simply create each sample from scratch.


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