GPU-Z 2.37.0 for Windows – Download

CPU-Z is one of the most famous and reliable programs for monitoring the internal characteristics of our PC. GPU-Z, although of different authorship, shares the interface and characteristics of that one although focused exclusively on the specifications of our graphics card.

GPU-Z is a precise monitoring tool for Windows that will allow us to know the internal characteristics of our video card. Not only will we be able to see the model of our card and internal memory, but we will also have access to see more specific information.

On the one hand we will have all the technical information of the hardware: GPU model, integration technology, type, quantity and frequency of the internal memory assembled, type of bus to which it is connected or bandwidth.

The other section shows the internal status in real time, especially useful if we have carried out some type of overclock to the card, so that we can measure the temperature of the GPU, the frequency, fan speed or voltages, and can also save all this monitoring in an external text file to analyze the data later.


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