Guarda Wallet 1.0.12 – Download Free

Cryptocurrencies, little by little, are making their way as a system of economic transactions, although not without controversy. It is a type of currency based on a cryptographic system to secure transactions, control the creation of new units, and verify transfers based on a distributed ledger. There are many investors who have decided to invest in them as well as organizations of questionable activity that receive their income through this difficult traceability route.

A digital wallet for your digital currencies

If you have decided to manage your own cryptocurrency portfolio you will find in Look at Wallet a good solution to control your investment. It’s about a software for the management of digital currency compatible with dozens of them: Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin, Tether, EOS, TRON… with this desktop application you will be able to carry out operations such as saving, sending, buying, selling or exchanging without fearing for the privacy of your data. It supports more than 40 different types of blockchain as well as thousands of tokens and different stablecoins or stablecoins (designed to minimize price volatility).

These are the main features that this software offers:

  • Carry out transactions.
  • Privacy guaranteed. No need to register with any account.
  • Compatible with Ledger devices.
  • Support for dozens of cryptocurrencies.
  • Collaboration with foundations such as Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Binance or Bitcoin Gold.
  • Integrated system for the purchase of cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Synchronizable between devices: it has versions for Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone in addition to Windows.

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