Hardware Identify 2.5.0 for Windows

Hardware Identify is a program that will allow us to identify any piece of hardware that we have connected to our computer. It is important to bear in mind that the program will not help us download drivers, but will provide us with information about the type of device we have connected, so that we can download the corresponding drivers.

As soon as we start Hardware Identify for the first time we will be able to see a complete list of all the hardware that our computer has. This list, between some devices and others, will normally be around one hundred items. Almost all of these elements will be perfectly recognized and will not have any errors, but some of them may have problems. All devices with problems will appear in the second tab.

Within the second tab of Hardware Identify we can see which devices have problems of some kind. Thanks to the information provided by the program itself: vendor, class, driver version, and hardware ID, we can search for the appropriate driver on the Internet.

Hardware Identify is a very useful program, thanks to which we can quickly see all the information about the different devices that we have connected to our computer. And what’s better, we can see which ones we could update to improve their performance.


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