Helium 14 for Windows – Download

Helium is a tool through which we can organize and listen to all the music that we have stored on our PC. Although this is a ‘freemium’ utility, we will have no problem making use of the most notable features if we only have the free version.

In Helium we find a program capable of detecting all the sound files that we have saved on our PC. Through a visually attractive interface, we will have no problem consulting each of the discs, podcasts or single songs that we store on the computer. Another aspect to take into account is that from the side toolbar we can access a segmentation of the musical content by author, genre or album.

Helium also has an integrated player that will allow us to listen to each track without having to leave the program itself. In fact, we will find a multitude of animations that we can establish on the screen to make the reproduction much more visual. At the same time, we will be offered the possibility of consulting some statistical graphs in which we will take stock of our most listened to genres or artists in a given time interval.

Helium has everything essential to facilitate the reproduction of music through the PC. Through a customizable and intuitive interface, we will have no problem playing each of the musical content from the same place.


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