Helium Desktop 1.0.0 – Download Free

Helium Desktop, formerly known as Carbon Desktop, is the solution to be able to perform backup copies of the content of your smartphone. If you have an Android device without root, download Helium Desktop free.

Makes backups from you Android.

As a complement to Helium for Android, you need to install on your PC Helium Desktop. This way you can secure its content to dispose of it in case of loss or malfunction Of the device.

How does Helium Desktop work?

To back up your information smartphone, you must follow the following indications:

  • Install Helium Desktop in the computer.
  • Install the mobile version of Helium on your Android.
  • Connect the smartphone to PC via USB. If it is not detected, you must install the corresponding drivers from your phone.
  • Open both applications and follow the prompts on your Android screen.

Now you can enable Helium to work on your Android in order to perform the backup.

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