HiBit Startup Manager 2.2.25 for Windows

HiBit Startup Manager is a powerful utility that manages automatic start programs by installing or uninstalling applications, editing their properties, as well as their processes, services, task schedules or even the context menu.

Using HiBit Startup Manager is as simple as accessing it and it will automatically open showing us a list of our already installed programs. Once we see the list, we can select the programs that we want to update or even uninstall. Likewise, it also gives us the opportunity to add new elements manually from the utility itself.

With a fairly accessible user interface, HiBit Startup Manager will allow us to make our PC a much more powerful tool thanks to the possibility of disabling startup applications that are surely only taking away many of our computer’s resources unnecessarily. And, instead, it offers us additional startup tools, in addition to a process manager, among others, with which to get the most out of it and customize all the options according to our needs, even changing the startup configuration.

HiBit Startup Manager is a great tool with which to improve the performance of our PC, but it has additional advantages offered that make the app a really effective program.


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