Hide.me VPN 3.7.0 for Windows

Hide.me VPN is a very complete tool that will allow you to modify your VPN to position yourself anywhere on the planet while browsing the Internet. Thanks to this function you can skip any type of limitation that a government or a brand has established in your territory. Encrypt your browsing to hide your data and open any website anonymously.

One of the advantages of Hide.me VPN is that it is a very simple tool which is why it is designed for any type of user regardless of the VPN knowledge that each one has. Thus, the only thing you will have to do to start using this program is to click on the only button that you will find in the center of the screen. Once the process is activated, it will take just a few seconds to establish the connection with the fastest and most secure VPN available at that moment. When the connection has been established, your location will be in the selected country.

Although Hide.me VPN will position you in the country with the fastest and safest connection at all times, you can manually modify your location to establish yourself in any of the countries offered by Hide.me VPN such as Canada, Singapore or the United States, among others. On the other hand, you can save as favorites those locations that work best or where you want to be by default so that you can access them more quickly with just a couple of clicks.

Once you have connected you will be able to see the data of your connection where you will be able to know your IPv4, IPv6 address and exact location on the map. Hide.me VPN is, in short, a good option if you want to avoid censorship in your country and browse safely. Open any website as if you were in a safe and free place and enjoy censored content in your location.


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