Hotspot Shield VPN 10.12.1 for Windows

Hotspot shield is a tool that allows us to protect our Internet browsing by making us completely anonymous to those web pages that try to detect our IP.

In practice, Hotspot Shield creates a private network (VPN) between your computer or iPhone and your Internet outlet. Thanks to this we can be completely protected from snoopers, hackers or ISPs, and from any suspicious activity that they may carry out against our privacy and security.

Furthermore, the program does not need any kind of complicated configuration nor does it have dozens of options to mess with. It will simply be executed, it will notify us that our connection is protected from a browser window, and that’s it. As easy as it is effective. Hotspot Shield is a very useful tool for users who like to have total privacy when browsing … or who want to access websites normally restricted by their geographical location.


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