HyperCam 6.1.2006.05 – Download Free

HyperCam it is a very interesting software with which we can Record anything that appears on our monitor. As soon as we click on the record button, the software itself will take care of save everything that happens in AVI format, allowing even to add audio. This is very useful for creating videocasts or record any kind of action.

The perfect screen grabber

This is software allows several very important aspects to be configured, such as the quality of audio or from the video, although not deep enough that some advanced users might need. HyperCam is a simple software for those who want to record a game to a video game or some conversation by webcam.

Window HyperCam is very clear and explanatory, in it we can select the three operating modes depending on how we want to record an application, the full screen or a specific area. Of course, we can set the FPS and audio quality at any time.

In addition, we can write down as many notes as we want during the video to remind us of specific moments or as reminders of something in particular.

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