HyperSnap 5.63.03 – Download Free

Sometimes we will need a screenshot to be able to teach something specific to a friend or a work colleague, or to be able to send it to a technician who will solve the problem we have. And generally Windows screenshot option is very limitedas it only allows you to capture the full screen.

To avoid this, we can use HyperSnap, an application that will allow you take all kinds of screenshots, including game screenshots, which many other tools do not allow.

A very complete screen capturer

When capturing, it offers multiple options, including screenshots of the entire screen, active window, one bounded area (rectangular or freehand) and even of all one full web page (with autoscroll to capture the parts of the page that are not visible on the screen).

In addition to the typical option of other programs to save the captures directly, HyperSnap allows the user print the capture automatically, being able to specify every last detail.

Another option that draws a lot of attention from HyperSnap, is that it includes a multitude of drawing tools, in order to retouch the captures, apply effects to them and even combining the capture with a preselected bitmap, with a level of transparency that can range from 0% to 100%.

Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you capture the part of the screen that interests you, download and test HyperSnap.

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