Icecream eBook Reader 5.24 – Download Free

Books in electronic format continue to make their way and increasingly reach more users who see in them the perfect way to take many of them anywhere without space problems, whether on an eReader such as a Kindle or on a smartphone or tablet . And to read them on the PC screen there are many programs, such as Icecream eBook Reader.

Enjoy more of your private library

We are facing a program with a simple interface and that is compatible with the main electronic book formats that currently exist: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, FB2 … With it we can manage our collection by adding copies to our library which we can organize into categories as we please.

The program also has different read settings so that we adapt the user experience to our preferences, including the possibility of applying a night reading mode:

  • Copy, translate or search content on Google.
  • Make annotations on the documents.
  • Easily navigate between the contents thanks to its navigation bar.
  • Read full screen.
  • Use markers to indicate the most memorable parts of the books.
  • Night mode.
  • Apply a book format to documents and turn pages as if you were holding a paper book.

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