Icons8 Lunacy 6.8 for Windows

Icons8 Lunacy is a program that will allow you to create or edit striking designs with photos and vectors through an intuitive interface, specially developed to facilitate quality work with simple tools.

The great advantage of Icons8 Lunacy is that it is a complete and quality program, as well as free. Therefore, you will only have to install it on your computer to access it and start creating. And you can not only design graphic drawings, but you can also take photos and integrate them with the software and even create vector illustrations.

Likewise, another of the most important features of Icons8 Lunacy is that it offers complete support, guaranteeing compatibility with Sketch files at all times, in new and old versions. Also, as it is a native Windows program, it takes full advantage of the hardware running even without an Internet connection. Also, you can adapt it to dark mode whenever you need it.

Icons8 Lunacy is a good vector creation and editing tool that features a huge library of components, an interface adapted to 16 languages, and numerous features that you can enjoy for free from your Windows computer.


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