Identity V for Windows

Identity V is an asymmetric horror game in the purest Dead by Daylight style, in which four players who will play the survivors, will have to face another player who will assume the role of the monster. The goal of the former will be to escape alive, while the latter will have to capture and kill as many survivors as possible.

Before starting a new game we can choose if we want to play as a survivor or as a monster. When we play a survivor, our objective will be to activate a series of generators, which will allow us to open the exit door. The problem, of course, is that the monster will be constantly trying to hunt us down. And the monster is always faster than the survivors.

When we play as the monster, our objective will be to hunt down the survivors. Normally we can win the game just by capturing two of them, but the more we manage to catch, the better the final score we will obtain. Luckily, even if we are outnumbered, we can use a wide range of different skills with which to capture other players.

As we play, we can gain experience and unlock new skills, characters and ‘skins’. The game also has an upper narrative layer in which a detective is investigating the disappearance of an entire family under strange circumstances. As we progress we will discover what happened to them. Thus, each game we play, in reality, corresponds to an investigation.

Identity V is an outstanding game, which is heavily inspired by the aforementioned Dead by Daylight, although it uses a gothic ‘cartoon’ aesthetic that could almost pass for a Tim Burton production. A spectacular title, which after surprising on mobile devices, reaches Windows in style. And the best thing is that it has ‘crossplay’ with both Android and iOS.


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