iDrive for Windows – Download

The hard disk is an electronic device that can be damaged for any reason: shocks, power surges, excess heat, etc. The information stored in it can be lost or pay a good sum of money to recover it. Until now, the main means for backing up have been optical discs, USB drives, and other companion hard drives. iDrive is a tool that allows you to make an online backup copy of the files you choose, as long as you do not exceed the 2GB of space that the program’s developers provide you for free.

But for this you need to first create an account on the iDrive website. Select the iDrive Basic Free option, register and download the program, which will allow you to perform scheduled and continuous backups. You can recover the files whenever you want and check the space that is still free. Also, if you recommend iDrive to other users, you will receive more space as a reward for your effort. It is also possible to get more GB of capacity, although paying, of course.


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