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WhatsApp, Telegram, Allo, LINE … Although the first application named is the absolute queen, there are more and more options from which to choose to talk with our contacts by instant messaging. IMO it might look like one more, but it’s actually so much more.

It is an instant messaging service that uses the VoIP protocol for communication like Microsoft’s Skype software, but unlike it, It does not include any restrictions depending on the country of installation, it is completely free and, in addition, it requires minimal bandwidth to function properly. In countries like Cuba, where Internet access is very limited and there are many restrictions from telephone operators, this is the most widely used messaging application.

The most used messaging application in Cuba.

Desktop Client Key Features

  • Send messages written real time.
  • Possibility of calling anywhere in the world by VoIP.
  • Video calls totally free.
  • Create option group chats.
  • Three different themes to customize the interface.
  • Includes emoticons to better communicate emotions in writing.
  • It allows send files from PC such as images, audios and videos.
  • Needs very little bandwidth for proper operation.

How to use IMO for PC?

This service, like WhatsApp and other messaging, began as an application for smartphones and tablets, but its users often demand a PC version for simple convenience. When one is working in the office or browsing from home it is much more comfortable to be able to use the messages directly from the PC to chat with your contacts with a much larger screen and a physical keyboard.

Making this client work is very easy and you only have to follow a few steps to be able to chat, call or video call from your PC as if you were using your smartphone:

  1. Paso 1: install the smartphone application on the phone (if you don’t have it).
  2. Paso 2: install the file included in the download on the computer.
  3. Paso 3: insert the phone number in the main menu of the program.
  4. Paso 4: check the numeric code that is received as a message to the mobile.
  5. Paso 5: copy that number to the Windows client.

After successfully synchronizing the mobile application account with the desktop client, it is now possible to chat or speak via VoIP with all contacts from this service, which is totally free, easy to use and requires little bandwidth.

What’s new in the latest version

  • The developers have not released the changelog for the latest version of the app.

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