InnoExtractor 2020 – Download Free

If you run into any Inno Setup based installation file with Innounp technology and you are interested in seeing its content, try downloading InnoExtractor, a tool to unzip installers of this type.

InnoExtractor allows you to see closely the content and structure of the files contained in the installer, in addition to allowing its extraction in a local folder.


  • Opens and analyzes the structure of the Inno Setup installers.
  • Extract content into local folders, compressed files or self-extracting modules.
  • Decompile the file “CompiledCode.bin” and discover the assembly code of the script.
  • Open the installer files without having to extract them first.
  • Consult a installer history.
  • Access properties of each file.
  • Search and work with encrypted installers.
  • It includes support for Innounp 0.37 and for Unicode encoding.

Analyze these particular installation files in depth when downloading InnoExtractor free.

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