Inpaint 9.0.2 for Windows – Download

Inpaint is the solution to those annoying marks, people or objects that appear in our photographs and we don’t want them to be there.

This tool is capable of eliminating what you want to make disappear in such a way that nobody will know that it has been modified or that it was different before.

It works based on the visible contour, calculating what would be behind the element to be eliminated, so it is able to fill the gap giving a texture similar to what we find in the background.

Although Inpaint performs its task in an almost magical way, it is not, in any case, a complicated application to use, since it is enough to select the area that we want to erase, either with the lasso or with the rectangle and click on the green triangle.

Once we carry out this action, the selection will disappear almost magically and in its place we will have the background of the image improved and restored, as if it were the original image.

We can put imagination into the program and use it to eliminate the dates that automatically come out from the digital camera or remove the watermarks that editing programs put on us.

A perfect utility to obtain perfect photos.


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