Internet Download Manager 6.38 Build 16

If we are very given to downloading files from the Internet and, above all, we download several at the same time, we may be interested in having a download manager. This will help us to organize our download queue in addition to keeping them organized later so that they are easier to find and classify. And the one you need is Internet Download Manager.

Faster downloads without installing anything else

But this download manager goes beyond the simple organization of them. In fact, IDM as it is also known for short, has features and functions that allow you to increase the download speed. Undoubtedly an application that offers a fast and comfortable way to manage what is downloaded from the network. And all without the need to carry out complex configurations or install any type of plugin.

IDM main features

It is one of the best and most complete online download managers, as evidenced by its large number of features:

  • Support for major browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Avant Browser, Opera … these and many more are compatible with the application that integrates your workflow with them.
  • One-click downloads: IDM is capable of endorsing each of the download links that you click on in your web browsing regardless of the protocol (HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and MMS).
  • Antivirus security check: Access only secure downloads thanks to the automatic check carried out on any link to detect malicious content such as viruses, Trojans and other malware.
  • System drag & drop: drag and drop any link you want to download on the client.
  • Spider & grabber: supports filters to download all specific content from a website such as images or any other element. You can also schedule a web page scan to download any changes that have occurred.
  • Proxy server support– Supports FTP and Microsoft ISA proxy servers.
  • Possibility of establishing simultaneous multiple downloads.
  • Organization of downloads by categories.
  • Download acceleration: It is capable of accelerating the download up to 5 times its speed thanks to the file segmentation.
  • Resumption of those interrupted or not completed downloads.
  • Programmer: it has a tool to program any type of download that also allows you to turn off the computer when they are finished or make them work only at a certain time.
  • Integrated advanced navigation: with this option activated it can be used to detect any download of an application.
  • Customizable interface: offers the possibility to choose which buttons you want to appear on it, as well as their order or arrangement. It also has different skins to alter its visual appearance.
  • Support for authentication: it is compatible with different authentication protocols so you can download links from those websites that require a password.
  • Download limits: set how much data you want to download per time interval.
  • Count with one built-in ZIP file previewer.

Do not hesitate and do not waste your time with your downloads: get more speed and a better organization.

The full version of the application offers all these features and some more specific ones that do not little they are less important (they are those small details that often enrich the user experience). Keep in mind that it is one of the best download managers for Windows PC, which has made it compulsively search for it by the same users who already use it versions in APK format for Android and even for Mac.

What download manager is better?

We could dare to say that this is the best of all. It’s considered better program and more complete than rivals like JDownloader Although it is a competent application, they do not offer as many possibilities and options as IDM.

Versions such as 6.21, 6.25 or 6.26 have been the most popular among users. Several iterations of each have been published or builds that incorporate different improvements on these versions.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Fixed issues with downloading various types of video streams.

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