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Browsing the Internet after the protection of a VPN can free us from some other problems related to our privacy or the restriction of access to websites or certain online services. One of the best that we can use in Windows is without a doubt IPVanish VPN, a service that is also available for iPhone, Android and Mac.

Surf safely with a VPN

Mainly it will provide us with a greater protection of our private data as it offers us a fictitious IP that masks our real one. On the one hand, this will help us so that our online activity is covered while allowing us to access blocked or censored sites in the place from which we connect since it can place access anywhere in the world.

Protect the trail you leave when you navigate.

As we say IPVanish It is one of the best services in its category and offers us features like the following:

  • No logs: privacy is a priority so there is no record of our browsing on the service servers.
  • If the VPN service goes down, it is responsible for blocking all traffic from our PC until it is restored.
  • IPv6 protection even for those IPs that are IPv4.
  • Blocking of any device that is trying to connect with you when you are on the same local network.
  • Locking the firewalls detected by VPNs.
  • Different user interfaces that adapt to your needs.

The program is not free, although we can download the installer since it requires us to contract any of its payment plans and then we logueemos with our user credentials.

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