IsMyTouchScreenOK 1.51 for Windows – Download

IsMyTouchScreenOK is an application that tests the multi-touch capacity of your screen to check that everything is working the way it should. A direct and simple app with which to discover if you have areas that do not work correctly on your monitor.

Using IsMyTouchScreenOK is as easy as running the file and touching the touch screen. It does not require installation of any kind and you have several languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable in it. Through the colors that will appear in the points of the screen that you touch, you will be able to discover if your monitor has problems in its multi-touch capacity or not.

This is a perfect app for all types of users and with which you will discover in a very short time if the multi-touch on your screen works. IsMyTouchScreenOK can be used for monitors with this capacity or even with televisions that allow it.


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