JIRA 8.15.0 – Download Free

JIRA is a complete task manager to organize group work, an ideal tool to keep track of tasks and errors detected. It facilitates the organization of all team members to enhance efficiency and productivity, improves communication between them and keeps you always informed of the development of your project.

Plan, build and launch great products.

The control and administration panel works on the web and it has a clear modular design with which you can leave only the most important components visible. You will also receive notification emails and notifications with each change that occurs.

The fundamental pillars of Atlassian JIRA

  • Organize topics and ideas.
  • Distribute workloads among members.
  • Evaluate the development of scheduled tasks.

If you decide for JIRA you should also know that has a version for mobile devices perfect for accessing the task manager from anywhere.

Download Atlassian JIRA for Windows and bring your projects and those of your work group to fruition.

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