Joplin 1.5.12 for Windows – Download

Joplin is an open source Windows program that will allow us to turn our PC device into a comfortable notepad that is easy to carry anywhere. All the annotations that we make, in addition, can be synchronized instantly through Microsoft OneDrive, Nextcloud or WebDAV.

One of the most interesting aspects that we find within the Joplin interface is that the program will allow us to create as many notebooks as we want. In this way we can easily separate the content, in turn creating all the lists and specific notes that we want inside each of the folders.

Another interesting feature of Joplin is that it will allow us to import our notes from Evernote, using the desktop application. Once we have done this, we will no longer have to synchronize our desktop app with the Android app. In this way, we can work in both spaces simultaneously.

Joplin is a good notes application, thanks to which we can carry and consult all our to-do lists, pending appointments, ideas or matters to carry out at any time and place.


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