Karaoke 5 46.08 for Windows

Karaoke 5 is an application with which we can sing our favorite songs alone or in the company of our friends, using our computer monitor as if it were a real karaoke machine. The program, which comes by default with half a dozen songs (like Imagine by John Lennon), supports the following formats: K5, MIDIS, KAR, KFN, MP3, WMA, MP3 CDG, WMA CDG, CDG G, VS (Virtual Score ), VIDEO (MP4, FLV, …). Thus, we can load our own songs without many problems, having a virtual karaoke machine.

The free version of the application, which is the one that you can download here, has an ‘clap meter’, artist poster, different skins, or pre-audience among many other features. All of them available from the main window of the program. Putting on a song and starting to sing loudly is as simple as double-clicking on the name of the one that interests us. In a second, the video with the lyrics will appear in a new window, and we can unleash our art.

Karaoke 5 is an excellent karaoke tool that will allow us to enjoy, in the company of our friends, endless singing sessions and guaranteed laughs.


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