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If you think about the number of devices that you and the members of your family use, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the security of all of them. And even more so taking into account today’s threats on the web, which practically all go against the waterline of privacy and data theft, usually for financial purposes.

Total Security: total security for your computers, smartphones and tablets

That’s why Kaspersky Labs has designed a product designed to control all connected devices from one place. Is about Kaspersky Total Security, an antivirus that offers protection for all smartphones, tablets and computers that are used, regardless of the operating system: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

For this security suite to be effective, all you have to do is download the corresponding version of My Kaspersky on each device. In this way, our Windows PC, if it is the one we use for security management, will be able to connect with them to manage them.

From a single place you will control all your security.

The suite presents an interface with several options in a main panel from where you can manage the security of the equipment:

  • Analysis: is the antivirus and antimalware scan of the system.
  • Upgrade of data base: from here we can update the virus database to the latest version provided by Kasperky Labs.
  • Secure payment: it is a security vault that includes the websites that we want to be monitored when making online payments.
  • Password manager: genera passwords insurance and manage them from here.
  • Privacy protection: enables private browsing by default to prevent the collection of browsing data and blocks access to the webcam.
  • Control parental: controls the little ones’ access to content that is not appropriate for them.
  • Conecta con My Kaspersky and set protection levels for all your devices.

The trial version can be used with all its functions for one month. Once the period of trial you can get the version full to connect all your devices to it.

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