KillWin 1.4 for Windows – Download

KillWin is a very simple program that will allow us to activate and deactivate the Windows Update tool, in charge of keeping our operating system updated to the latest version. This can be very useful when this process takes much longer than it should or directly freezes.

The KillWin interface is specially designed so that any user, regardless of their level of knowledge, can use it. We will only see two buttons: activate and deactivate. Just below the buttons, in addition, we will have an indicator that will show us if Windows Update is activated or deactivated. Once we have deactivated the automatic updates we will receive a notification confirming it.

KillWin is a very interesting program for users who use old computers or with little power, since in many cases the operating system updates tend to do more harm than good in this type of case. Thanks to this program, we can forget about updating the operating system.


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