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In the age in which we live in which we have at our disposal so many multimedia content, both online via streaming as downloadable through P2P networks, including movies, series, videos, photos, songs, albums, playlists or podcasts, it is practically essential to have a multimedia center or media center to manage and organize all that content more efficiently.

The definitive multimedia center for your movies and series.

And one of the best programs that you will find today to manage all those videos and audios is open source software Code, formerly known as XBMC, which has just been updated with a new stable version that is codenamed Matrix. An update that is already available for all platforms on which this multimedia center can be installed, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Smart TV.

The main differences from Code 18

This new version of Code, whose name is a tribute to the now classic film saga starring Keanu Reeves, idolized all over the Internet, brings with it a lot of news regarding Leia, such as the ones we list below:

  • Music player and library greatly improve track metadata handling with new labels, visualizations and other data such as duration, dates or albums from the main interface.
  • As for video, HDR support is better, but most of the modifications are more technical, related to the hardware of each user.
  • It includes a new function to group the videos according to the artist, in addition to the option by already existing album.
  • There are changes in the use of subtitles– Overlays in timestamps are corrected, dark gray is added, and text opacity can be changed.
  • Searches related to albums or videos by the same director show better results.
  • The section of live television or PVR includes several new features such as home screen widgets, navigation controls, new context menus, and group manager, performance and API improvements.
  • In terms of security, the added improvements will prevent third-party repositories from overwriting the code of unrelated official plugins.
  • The programming language of the media center advances, from Python 2 to Python 3.

How does it work Code TV?

The first thing you should know is that by default, this multimedia program does not include any content rather, it is the user himself, through his downloads, the local files he has on his hard drive or the services of streaming used, which adds the videos, music and images to the interface of Code.

In addition to adding their own content, the user can install add-ons The plug-ins third party, something similar to how Plex or Stremio works, to obtain publicly available content on different Internet websites. As additional functions and features we can mention:

  • File tagging system.
  • Playback of audio and video files with advanced functions.
  • Support for the main video formats.
  • File navigation.
  • Download covers, metadata and synopsis.
  • Library for television programs with the possibility of being organized according to different criteria.
  • Viewer with different views of images.
  • Live television recording.
  • Support for extensions.
  • Personalization with skins.
  • Possibility of being controlled remotely.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Throwing of Code 19.0 Matrix.

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