Krita 4.4.2 for Windows – Download

Krita is a program focused mainly on digital painting, although it can also be used as a retouching tool or even a vector image editor. Initially focused on the Linux environment as part of KDE and included in Calligra Suite, the first stable version for Windows, released in May 2014, it offers all the power of the program in a Windows environment.

Its interface is influenced by both Adobe products and Corel’s digital drawing tools, so any Photoshop user will quickly become familiar with the program.

It includes a large number of brushes and effects, the possibility of working comfortably with layers, support for most of the most used image formats and sections for managing palettes, cuts, vector modification and various kinds of retouching assistants.

Its greatest asset is that it is a free tool under the GNU license, being a more than worthy alternative to Gimp, the free image editor par excellence.


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