Lantern Download (2020 Latest Version) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Lantern is a very useful open source network application for desktop and mobile users that successfully removes the censorship functions imposed by various online websites, regions and locations. However, while this feature is also present in many other VPN Proxy services, Lantern manages to distinguish itself by activating itself only when censored or blocked content is found in the region, allowing you to browse the majority of the Internet with the full potential of your Internet connection. . without the need to redirect your internet connection through proxy servers all the time. Most Lantern users use it to get uncensored access to the world’s most popular websites like YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and many other news, social networks or even streaming media sites like Netflix, Spotify and Pandora that are for some reason blocked in various parts of the world.

In addition to providing a secure and anonymous way to access censored or region-blocked online locations, it also adds a separate layer of security to your online traffic by automatically updating insecure HTTP connections to encrypted HTTPS when possible.

Installation and use

During the short installation, Lantern will ask you to install the Google Chrome browser if you no longer have it on your PC. After it is integrated into the Chrome browser, you will be prompted to enter your account credentials. You can create a new account or enter your existing login information. After a short visit to your setup area, you are finally ready to go.

The FREE version of Lantern is available worldwide, but will provide users with just 500MB of monthly bandwidth. Each Lantern user will get a new IP address, which will mask their true network location, provide additional security, and unblock various parts of the internet that are censored or region-blocked. Through the Google Chrome browser, you can also easily inform yourself about the current state of your internet connection, the number of non-secure HTTP connections that were automatically adapted to more secure HTTPS, the number of blocked additions, and various data usage statistics.

To make Lantern easier to use, each of your accounts can be linked to multiple Google accounts, allowing you to easily enable unrestricted browsing on all your home computers, or even share internet browsing without censorship with your friends. The free version of Lantern displays advertisements that ask users to upgrade to a premium version of this service.

Features and highlights

  • Easy to Use – Simply boost your Google Chrome browser to access region-blocked or censored content from Internet sources around the world.
  • Free for all: each user of the program gets access to 500MB of high-speed data and unrestricted access to data flow with limited bandwidth.
  • Automatic routing around censorship or regional blocks – Open the entire internet to your browser.
  • Enhanced security while browsing: Protect your private information by updating all HTTP connections to HTTPS.
  • Automatic ad removal – Simplify and speed up your browsing with automatic ad removal on multiple websites. Due to its IP masking, many ad engines will not be able to target ads based on your past browsing history.
  • Enhanced defense with the Pro version – Access updated rerouting algorithms that are created 24/7 by the development team
  • Faster speeds with the Pro edition – Unlock the full potential of your Internet connection.
  • Unlimited Data with Pro Edition – Access locked videos and download content without bandwidth limitations.
  • No Ads with Lantern Pro – Remove built-in ads from your browsing experience.

Note: Limited to 500MB of traffic per month. Limited functionality.

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