LastPass Password Manager 4.64.0 for Windows

Are you a memory wreck and can’t remember your passwords? Do you think that Firefox is not safe enough storing this type of information?

These are some of the reasons why more and more Firefox users choose to install the LastPass extension in their browser, as it provides a bit more security than the default password manager and allows us to take our passwords to those sites where we use them .

LastPass stores passwords on its own server, previously encrypting them on our Mac, so that they cannot be visible from another place until we ourselves give the appropriate permission. This permission is granted through a single password, which will be the key to access all the others.

Another advantage of LastPass is that it allows us to create highly secure passwords that we will not have to remember, since it will be prepared to be entered in its corresponding place automatically when we give it the appropriate permission.

It allows importing all the passwords stored in Firefox, so we will not have to reconfigure them when we start using the program.

In addition, we can configure and manage each site to automatically identify ourselves each time we access it.


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