League of Legends 11.1 for Windows

League of Legends is one of the great precursors of the MOBA genre and the main ‘culprit’ of its enormous popularity among all kinds of audiences. The game perfectly combines strategy and role playing, offering players the possibility of leading a hero (and his lackeys) in a battle where cunning and skill will be our main weapons. Devastating spells and swords will help too, of course.

As usual, League of Legends offers several different game modes, but generally speaking the usual LoL game consists of a confrontation of three heroes against three or five heroes against five, in a closed stage. Each player will be able to choose their hero from among the more than one hundred that are currently available.

Of course, as we kill other creatures (who walk freely on the map or are summoned by our enemies) we will gain experience and gold, with which we can improve the characteristics of our character and buy new equipment respectively. In addition, participating in battles (and winning them) will give players renown, allowing them to acquire a number of advantages.

League of Legends is one of the funniest competitive online games, since it proposes a quick, direct confrontation without many complications that will not take more than an hour. That is, it is not a benchmark within its genre and moves thousands of dollars in official tournaments by chance.


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