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Left 4 Dead is a cooperative shooter released in 2008 that was set in a zombie apocalypse. It was a game that garnered excellent reviews and opinions at the time, its sequel being one of the most anticipated titles in subsequent years. Well L4D2 did not disappoint and this FPS presented a game that improved what was seen in the first part of the game.

Action and terror in the deep south of the United States

The state of Louisiana becomes the setting for this action adventure in which choose between one of the four survivors to face the hordes of the undead. At your disposal a huge arsenal of weapons made up of all kinds of them: from knives or baseball bats to firearms, chainsaws or an always lethal frying pan. Of course you also have the option to fight hand to hand.

  • Fight against the zombie invasion with a varied arsenal of weapons.
  • Over 20 new weapons ranging from shooter to more rudimentary like a frying pan.
  • New game modes that exploit the cooperation system of the first part.
  • New enemies infected and also more dangerous.
  • Play with the zombies and discover what it’s like to be the bad.
  • New maps.
  • Cooperative gameplay developed by the makers of games like Half-Life, Portal, Counter Strike, and Team Fortress.
  • New story with new characters and new dialogues.
  • Five extensive campaigns for Co-op, Versus and Survival game modes. Each of them has its own undead.
  • Online multiplayer mode renewed.

Southern terror. This time without the KKK.

The truth is that although it has been on the market many years ago Left 4 Dead 2, It remains a great first person shooter that can ensure you a lot of hours of gameplay and fun. Its graphics maintain the type, as you can see in the occasional gameplay. Also, having already certain age You will see how its requirements are perfectly acceptable for your team, making it worth the investment to download it from Steam. That is another: you will find it at a good price.

As if that were not enough, in this version of the second part of Left 4 Dead for PC you will find a substantial advantage over other versions, such as the one for PS4: the possibility of downloading mods and new maps.

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