LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.12 – Download Free

LEGO Digital Designer is an intuitive application with which create models using classic Lego cubes. It has an extensive library of objects to shape our creations, drawn directly from three of the company’s current ranges: Factory, Mindstorm and Creator.

Main features

Once installed in our system and open, LEGO Digital Designer allows you to choose between three different modes of use:

  • We can create mockups from preconceived parts with total freedom thanks to the construction method.
  • View our creations from any angle and perspective using the display mode.
  • Learn to create structures thanks to the mounting guide mode.

LEGO Digital Designer It also has interesting additional options such as share our creations with other users on the company’s website, import and export our custom models and even ask for a quote about our model. They send the pieces to your house!

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