LetsView for Windows – Download

LetsView is one of the most convenient tools on the market for mirroring screens between devices. If you are looking for a good tool with which to send the image of your Android terminal to your PC monitor or duplicate the signal of your main monitor, this utility will help you to visualize what you want on your screen in a simple and wireless way.

The main advantage of LetsView is precisely that it does not need any cables to work, you will only have to connect all the devices to the same network and use the linking code that the tool offers on the main screen. Once you have linked the two devices, you will be able to enjoy the image of your PC or your Android on a second screen to be able to work with them in the simplest way.

In the lower part of the program window you will be able to see the network you are connected to so that you can change the WiFi of the rest of the devices or connect directly to it to make the connection. On the other hand, you will also have access to the IP address, which will greatly facilitate the linking between devices, discarding those that you do not need. Another of the great advantages of this tool is that it is multiplatform, so you can connect both Android and iOS.

Last but not least, LetsView includes a recording function with which you can record everything you do on your device. Thanks to this, you can save on video any work or activity that you need to store for later viewing. Enjoy a large number of functions and work in a more comfortable way thanks to them.


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