LibreOffice 7.0.4 – Download Free

LibreOffice is a fork de OpenOffice, and thereby inherits the good and the bad of this development. In the moment in wich OpenOffice happened to be controlled by Oracle, many of the developers who were part of the free community around that office suite they thought it would be better to disengage from the project, that’s where LibreOffice.

Complete professional and free office suite.

Revamped OpenOffice

This office suite is now developed by The Document Foundation (formerly known as OpenOffice Community), and has been made on the basis of the last totally free OpenOffice that was released. Thus, the interface has not changed much, the functionalities remain similar, although the project is in better health than ever.

LibreOffice tools

As previously, LibreOffice includes several professional quality tools:

  • Writer: text editor.
  • Calc: spreadsheets.
  • Base: database.
  • Impress: presentations.
  • Draw: diagrams and graphs.
  • Math: mathematical formula editor.

Ultimately, if a free, free, powerful office suite and with a huge community of developers, as well as support of all kinds, LibreOffice is the new banner.

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