Lightworks 2021.1 for Windows – Download

Lightworks is a video editing tool in the line of Adobe Premiere, Avid or Final Cut (in fact, it includes the option to adopt the keyboard shortcuts of these last two programs), which will allow us to assemble our videos in a fairly simple way and professional.

The program includes all the basic editing options, such as replacing video clips with just drag and drop, synchronization of the timeline with one click, differentiation of parts by colors, or video editing at different rates of frames per second . It also includes by default a good number of effects and transitions that we can easily use. Layers, color correction filters, and various special effects will allow us to give a more professional touch to the montage.

In addition to everything, Lightworks is compatible with most Adobe Premiere and After Effects plugins, which will allow us to greatly expand its possibilities and adjust it even more to our needs.


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