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One of the great inventions of our era is undoubtedly instant messaging. What would we do without our WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? Resort to old-fashioned SMS messages? Relive phone calls? Nothing of that, you live much better being able exchange text messages, photos, videos, documents and locations instantly and effortlessly directly from our mobile device, be it Android or iPhone.

The predecessor to WhatsApp for PC.

Well, from the mobile but also from the desktop of our Windows PC, Linux or macOS, because for a while now practically all the chat and messaging applications have developed their own versions for computers. Do you remember the time when you were dying to have a WhatsApp for PC? Well, some years before its launch, there was already a app one of these features that worked, not only on iOS and Android thanks to an APK installation file, but also on Windows. We talk about LINE, a chat, instant messaging and VoIP application that offers you everything you expect from a software of these characteristics (messages, videos, audio notes, photos, free calls, etc.), as well as interesting news only available in this application.

Main features

From our button Descargar you can get Line for PC so you don’t have to resort to official website of the Windows StoreIn fact, the version that you will find in the official Microsoft store only works on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Once you install it on your PC, you will be able to enjoy features and functions such as the following:

  • Send images, videos, audios and documents to any of your contacts.
  • Chat and share files in groups.
  • Make free voice calls and video conferences to other users of the app.
  • Take part in group video calls with up to 200 participants at a time.
  • More than 10,000 stickers and emoticons to give a unique and expressive touch to your messages. Many of them are free, but you can also buy new sticker packs.
  • Follow the accounts of brands, celebrities, athletes and television shows to find out about their latest news.
  • Count with one Timeline to Facebook where you can post your stories, photos and statuses that all your friends can see. They better give you a like.
  • Function Keep to save all the important messages and files that you don’t want to lose or that you know you will need to recover in the future.
  • Add new friends using QR codes, your unique identifier of LINE or just shaking your phones when you’re around.
  • It has its own application and game environment that you can download independently.
  • It includes its own online payment system, LINE Pay.

Who developed LINE?

The truth is that the story behind the development of this instant messaging application is quite different from the ones we usually hear. We are not talking here about a group of young college friends with a brilliant idea who decide to invest all their savings in it. No, LINE was born in Japan as consequence of the serious earthquake suffered by the Asian country in March 2011 which caused the downfall of conventional telephone systems.

The instant messaging app that emerged from a tragedy.

For this reason the workers of the Japanese subsidiary of Naver, the main Internet portal and search engine in South Korea, developed this application to streamline communications. Just two months later it was released to the public, and now 6 years later it already has more than 700 million users worldwide, though primarily based in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and India. It is assumed that in Spain we are 16 million users (a third of the population) who use the application on any of the available platforms. Yes, sure.

Which one is better? LINE, WhatsApp or WeChat?

To see. Let’s be honest… Do you know someone in your circle of friends who uses LINE or WeChat? At most, some daring will be trying to convince you to go to Telegram because they think they are very cool saying that they are going to remove themselves from WhatsApp and Facebook, but the truth is that nobody uses these two apps of Asian origin in our country. In fact, maybe you didn’t know about the first one until we introduced it to you today, and possibly WeChat sounds familiar to you for the majestic performance, worthy of Oscar, of Leo Messi in one of their most popular ads. So when choosing any of the three, it is clear which one we are left with.

Very good application, but nobody uses it.

Of course, not even using them does not mean that they are bad alternatives to the one that is the great dominator of instant messaging today. In fact, this app Japanese that we offer you today is possibly much more complete than Zuckerberg’s new toy, especially in its desktop version. The possibility to use their funny stickers as substitutes for the already tiresome emojis and emoticons, or the option to follow famous brands or your favorite artists on Twitter, they add value. All this without forgetting that many of the functions that WhatsApp presents as novel already existed in LINE long before.

What’s new in the latest version

  • The stability of the application is improved and bugs are fixed.

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