Logitech Capture 2.04.13 for Windows

Logitech Capture is a program specially designed for Logitech brand webcams with which we can take full advantage of the recordings we make. Thanks to the numerous options that this tool offers us, we will only need a webcam to generate quality audiovisual content without having to resort to a higher category lens.

One of the keys to Logitech Capture is that we will find a video editor that we can use while recording. In this sense, we will save a lot of time if we correctly configure all the parameters of the video that we will later share on any YouTube channel, Twitch or with our contacts.

On the other hand, thanks to Logitech Capture we will also have the option of placing any background in the image using Chroma Key technology. This is a very fun aspect since we will only need a webcam and a neutral background to move to another place. This possibility will be very well received by the millions of people who use the Zoom video calling platform and make use of its virtual funds.

In Logitech Capture we will find many possibilities to modify the framing, the format or place texts and other layers on the image. In conclusion, we will have all the essentials to take full advantage of our Logitech camera once we connect it to a PC equipped with Windows.


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