Logyx Pack 20.19 – Download Free

The intelligence games That force to think have always been a resource to occupy free time. Logyx Pack now puts at our disposal a complete collection of 115 games other than logic to avoid boredom.

Braintraining desde Windows

All games are integrated under the same interface. You have puzzles, sets Chess, sudokus… Everything that has to do with him mental exercise It is collected here, so start to gain some skill by overcoming each challenge.

A wide collection of logic games under the same interface.

Some of the games included are Puzz, Hopper, Yam Yam, Tetix, Nam Chess, Jumper, Maze, RotSix, Choy, Micro Master Mind… The list is endless, so it will take several days to try them all. Overcoming them will depend on your mental ability.

Discover with this brain skill games collection your own abilities. Exceeds numerous levels existing without resorting to additional help and exercise your thinking and reasoning ability with Logyx Pack.

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