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The field of photo editors for Windows is extremely competitive. We have tools of all kinds: from the powerful Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, aimed at image professionals, to free online software available to anyone and that present interfaces and operating modes within the reach of most users.

These are joined now Luminar, which after being released in a first version for Mac we can finally enjoy one for the Microsoft operating system.

A powerful photo retouching software

What we will find here is fundamentally two things. On the one hand a photo retouching and enhancement software powered by powerful AI which is capable of adjusting and adapting any image as we wish. On the other, an easy-to-use interface that, unlike other programs, does not require study how the tool works in depth.

Professional results available to any user.

Among its main characteristics we can find functions like the following:

  • Image filters: dozens of filters ready to apply to your photos with which to apply other views and perspectives. They are more than 35.
  • Special effect Golden Hour– Make your images look like they were taken at the brightest time of day.
  • Tool Dehaze: Removes the haze that appears in some images.
  • Black and white editing: convert your files into black and white images with a variety of filters and effects.
  • Image enhancer: different tools that allow you to highlight those aspects of the image that you want such as light, color, saturation, brightness …
  • Photo effects: apply all kinds of effects or create your own using the filter controllers.
  • Edit colors: modify the colors of certain areas of the image.
  • Restoration tools: fix damaged or aged photos.
  • RAW image converter: convert the images you have taken in RAW format to other formats and use them in other applications.

Luminar vs Lightroom, which is better?

Adobe’s is one of the best programs for photo retouching and, indeed, it is. What happens is that Macphun-designed tool goes even where Lightroom doesn’t. For example in its user interface adapted to different user levels, advanced contrast filters, color filter balance or the different options for layers that it incorporates. It also ranks as more efficient software in many ways than Creative Kit or Aperture.

And as for the price? Yes, it is true that you can not download free (well, yes its trial version), but its version full O pro It is at a very affordable price considering what it offers: it does not cost 70 euros to acquire your license. It is to think about it.

What’s new in the latest version

  • New Augmented Sky tool.
  • Facial features detection network.
  • Glare removal technology and Slim Face 2.0.
  • Improved Scene Relighting.
  • ML cache improvements.

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