Macrium Reflect Free 7.3.5500 for Windows

To protect the information you store on your computer, you can carry out a backup of individual files or completely clone the disk as a much more suitable option. The advantage of using this second method is that, in case of loss, you can also recover the applications that have been installed and even the customization options that you would otherwise lose forever.

Macrium Reflect Free is a tool that allows you to completely clone a partition, even if it is running. The resulting disk image can be stored within the partition itself or in other much more suitable options such as a network drive, a portable storage device or a CD / DVD drive.

The compression algorithm used by Macrium Reflect Free manages to reduce the size of the resulting image by a quite striking percentage and also ensures an optimal speed to complete the process. Needless to say, the cloned disk can be recovered from Macrium Reflect Free. It is also possible to create a Linux-based recovery CD.


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