Malware Hunter for Windows

Malware Hunter is a very complete tool that will allow you to locate any type of virus and eliminate it from your PC in order to maintain the security of your computer. If you are looking for a good option to scan your documents, this program has a wide range of options that will help you eliminate any file that could put your work at risk.

In Malware Hunter you will find three main main functions. The first one, the virus scan, offers a simple scan, a full scan, and a custom scan. The latter will allow you to focus on those folders that you want to investigate thoroughly, where you suspect that you may have some kind of problem. Once the process is complete you will be able to see the threats found and their location, and remove them directly with a single click.

On the other hand, this tool allows process optimization, helping you improve the speed of your computer in a matter of seconds. In this function you can choose between multiple possibilities, depending on your needs. Open any of the available processes and improve PC performance without even realizing it.

The third and last option of Malware Hunter will eliminate all those files that you no longer need and that only take up space in your memory. With this option you will be able to find junk items that have accumulated with use and that you don’t know are there, giving you storage space and speed of use. Open this tool and use its four great functions to keep your equipment safe and clean for years.


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