MAME 0.227 for Windows – Download

MAME is the acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or what is the same, an emulator of various types of arcade machines that allows you to enjoy endless games of all time on any PC regardless of the board or technology used, constantly expanding its compatibility list with each new version.

The MAME project is focused on preserving software once the machines that the games originally ran on are no longer available. Given the impossibility of running many classic games on native hardware, emulation is the only way to preserve a playful legacy that continues to exist thanks to the nostalgia of those who enjoyed arcade rooms in their childhood and adolescence.

Although the original versions of MAME did not include a user interface, everything changed with the arrival of MAME64 and its frontend, so it is not necessary to search for external programs to be able to browse our collection of games, filter by title name, year or license plate emulated. This, coupled with the maturity of

MAME makes it possible to emulate an inordinate number of plates thanks to the work of the community that has selflessly contributed additions to the project for decades. From Neo Geo’s MVS to Capcom’s CPS, via SEGA’s System line to Irem’s boards, thousands of games can be played with 100% accurate emulation.

The emulator allows, among other things, to configure the controls, save the games or modify the graphic options to add post-processing filters. For this reason, MAME is the best solution to play classic video games, whether we are going to do it from the PC or by connecting it to a real Arcade machine.


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