Manager 20.10.91 (64bit) for Windows

Manager is a very complete tool designed for small companies with which you can keep your business accounting in a simple, comfortable and efficient way. If you are looking for a complete and simple utility, this option has a large number of functions designed to make your life easier. Download Manager and start controlling your finances to another level.

One of the advantages of Manager is that it has a completely customizable panel where you can add the most important sections for you and see the relevant data at a glance. Click on the customize button and mark all those functions that you want to bring to the front. To add information to any of the sections, you just have to click on them and add everything that is necessary.

In Manager you can keep a record of payroll, income and expenses, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual billing, the purchase or sale of services or products … in short, record any movement of money that is made in your accounts to keep track of anything. With all the data you can generate complete reports with which to improve and clean up your economy.

On the other hand, Manager is a multiplatform tool so you can access your account from Windows, Mac or Linux. In addition, you will be able to work without the need for an Internet connection, so you will have the possibility to make any type of change in the system regardless of your circumstances.


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