Mass Watermark 1.9.2 for Windows

Mass Watermark is an application thanks to which we can digitally protect all our photographs, superimposing a watermark in the form of an image or text so that no one can use them, taking credit for it.

The great strength of the application is that it will give us the possibility to do this with hundreds of photos at the same time, with just a couple of clicks and from an interface that is expressly designed to give the user all the facilities.

Within the program itself we find a tool that will allow us to design our own watermark at the moment. In addition, we can place it where we want to adapt it as best as possible to the batch of photos that we want to protect.

As if this were not enough, other tools included within Mass Watermark will allow us to fix the color of the photographs and carry out different adjustments in terms of image quality, being able to fix lots of small defects resulting from overexposure or other problems.

Mass Watermark is a very useful application for photographers and users who are jealous of their photographs, who do not want them to pass out of hand on the Internet without their work being recognized.


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